With nkt cables and ABB HV Cables joining, something very special is happening…



We are introducing an updated visual identity, and doing a full re-branding of the entire company

The concept behind the updated NKT logo relates to the past, the present, and the future in an increasing level of abstraction:

The past

The origin of the company; the backbone, and the platform for growth for more than a century; cables and cabling. This is illustrated by the lines in each of the three letters, and the strong, blue colour.

The present

The transition of the business from component to project-driven is accelerated by the acquisition of ABB HV. The logo illustrates the DNA of a NKT project – from the starting point and to the final delivery – all unique, organic (non-linear), and to some extent unpredictable.

The future

The complexity of the future, markets, and technologies that the updated NKT will operate within, underlines our readiness to embrace and drive change in order to succeed. This is illustrated by the complexity in the lines, the spaces, and the optical effect, which creates depth in each letter. The Nordic heritage forms the basis for the chosen visual language and design.

New Visual Toolbox


Logo – Blue

Logo – White

Logo – Grid

Logo – Clear Space

Icon System


Colour Palette

NKT’s updated Visual Identity reflects our Core Story

Our lives depend on power.

In a globalised and interconnected world, with a rapidly increasing population and demand for a modern lifestyle, the need for power is constantly growing. Yet the way we produce, supply, and consume energy is of great importance for the generations to come.

At NKT we have made it our purpose to bring power to life by helping meet the growing need for energy – and we are determined to do so, not only in a sustainable way but also with a future focus on the next level: The regeneration of our environment.

Founded in 1891, during the second industrial revolution, we pioneered the cable industry in the Nordics. Today we master the fourth industrial revolution, with our energy transportation expertise, and cost-effective manufacturing facilities at the highest technological level.

Experience has taught us that the most valuable solutions, from high quality cables to electrical infrastructure, and turnkey deliveries, are created with a “glocal” mind-set through trusted partnerships, and a shared willingness to embrace and drive change.

We believe, that by working together, we can shape the future, and with passion bring power to life.

The NKT re-branding video explains the rationale behind the re-branding, and provides a sneak preview of the future.

We very much look forward to continuing our partnership and business with you in our updated visual identity. If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please visit our newly designed website to contact us.